Blue Quadrant Capital Growth Prescient RI Fund

The Blue Quadrant Capital Growth Prescient RI Fund is positioned as a lower-risk alternative investment fund investing in a wide range of asset classes and is a Retail Investment Hedge Fund (RIHF). The fund aims to generate sustainable real returns over the long term.

The fund will remain predominately invested in equities, but has a flexible mandate allowing for some diversification into other asset classes, including unlisted investments. The flexibility of an alternative investment fund allows us to employ a level of risk management in order to provide for some capital preservation while actively seeking attractive investment opportunities. By combining a degree of portfolio insurance with meaningful exposure to alternative investments and/or small to medium listed companies within the overall allocation of the fund, we believe the fund has the ability to generate superior risk-adjusted returns over the long run.

Mandate and Benchmark

The objective of the fund is to deliver returns in excess of consumer price inflation over a rolling five-year period, but with an emphasis on ensuring a level of capital preservation over the shorter term. The fund’s benchmark is the South African Consumer Price Index (CPI) plus 8%.

The strategy’s core asset allocation will remain flexible and its exposure to equity investments may vary, depending on existing market and economic conditions and available investment opportunities. The fund’s direct and indirect equity exposure will vary between a minimum of 0% to a maximum of 150% (including unlisted equity investments) of the fund’s total nominal value.

How to Invest

Should you wish to invest in the Blue Quadrant Capital Growth Prescient RI Fund, please do the following:

  1. Select the appropriate application form dependent on whether you are making your investment as an individual or via a legal entity
  2. Download and complete the form and gather the necessary FICA documents as instructed
  3. Please submit the completed form together with your FICA documents and proof of payment via email to
  4. Await the confirmation email from the Prescient Client Services team
  5. Please note, all transactions into the Blue Quadrant Capital Growth Prescient RI Fund are processed on a monthly basis. Upon processing of your transaction, you will receive a contract note from the Prescient Client Services team