Blue Quadrant Worldwide Flexible Prescient Fund

Blue Quadrant Worldwide Flexible Prescient Fund is a regulated Collective Investment Scheme suitable for retail investors seeking meaningful offshore exposure. The fund will allocate invested capital to a range of equity securities, listed on both local and offshore exchanges with the aim of generating sustainable real returns over the long-term

Mandate and Benchmark

The objective of the fund is to deliver returns in excess of the MSCI World Index over a rolling five-year period. The fund’s core investment universe will include equity securities and/or exchange traded funds listed on any major global securities exchange including South Africa. In addition to equities, domestic and foreign fixed income, property and money-market securities may also be included in the investment universe.

The portfolio’s asset allocation will remain flexible and its exposure to equity investments may vary depending on existing market and economic conditions and available investment opportunities. The portfolio’s net direct and indirect equity exposure will vary between a minimum of 50% to a maximum of 100% of the portfolio’s NAV. The portfolio may allocate up to 20% of invested capital towards small and medium-sized capitalization shares or growth companies. The exposure to any single small or medium-sized equity investment, as defined, will be limited to 5% of the portfolio’s NAV*

* These mandate limits are “soft” or internal limits and not regulatory mandate limits.


Application Forms

Investors wishing to invest in the fund please download the relevant application form below.

The application form when completed and together with the appropriate FICA documentation must be emailed to

Should you encounter any problems or have any additional questions you may also contact Sue Byrne at Blue Quadrant –

Application Form – Individual

Application Form – Legal Entities

Some internet browsers may not open these fillable forms correctly. Please right-click on the link and save to your hard drive and open from that saved location.


The Blue Quadrant Prescient Worldwide Flexible Fund can be accessed via Prescient Fund Services. Please find additional information here on Prescient Fund Services and on the Blue Quadrant Prescient Worldwide Flexible Fund.

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